The traditional picture of Ecommerce was focused on early adopters, predominantly men, who bought digital media such as computers, electronics and digital media. This is no longer an accurate picture of the industry and hasn’t been for some time.

In todays online environment women account for over half of all internet purchases and are key decision makers in around 80% of consumer purchases. Women spend more than men in everything except electronics, flowers / cards and event tickets.

They also have very different purchasing patterns. Women are more likely to search by Brand instead of by product and less likely to use the search.

“In an industry where women control the majority of consumer spending, it’s an enormous missed opportunity to not have those voices at the table.”

Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code

According the European Commission ( only 4 in every 1000 female graduate’s work in the ICT sector. Even less in digital overall and much lower in ecommerce

As we’ve expanded the team at Vortex over the last 18 months we’ve been very lucky to have attracted female candidates of fantastic quality. Since January we’ve taken on Aisha as a content writer and Catherine in our Account management team. Both have brought a different energy and approach to the team and we’ve benefitted from embracing that.

This month Vortex have expanded the team and added a new digital designer Kate Hatcher.

Kate is an exciting addition to the team and is incredibly creative. She holds a BA in Applied Creative Design and is also an experienced digital marketer. You’ll all be seeing her work in the very near future.

Improving diversity in the digital workplace is vital as it widens your input from sources that mirror your consumers buying behaviors and preferences.