What are Magento Certifications?

Magento certifications allow experienced Magento professionals to validate their real-world skills by sitting specific exams dependent on their area of expertise. 

What do they demonstrate?

The developer PLUS certification tested our developers in the use of all business process in Magento. It covers things like structure, architecture, advanced core knowledge, API, widgets and how to make decisions at the code level. It shows a deep proficiency in advanced features present in Community and Enterprise editions.

The reason our developers study hard to pass these exams is because we believe that it provides advantages in implementing a site using Magento which gives our clients better value on builds and provides them with access to high level expertise.

The solutions specialist certification is sat by our directors and project managers. It shows that they are an expert user on the Magento platform and have a deep demonstrable background in business and ecommerce. It allows us to effectively align business objectives with native functionality and avoid unnecessary customisation. This saves the client money and time by having someone understand how to action their requirements in the most efficient way possible. 

For the last few months the team have been studying hard to sit Magento Certifications in their areas of speciality and we are delighted to say that we had 5 more passes.

We now have:

3 Certified Solution Specialists

3 Developer PLUS Certificates

3 Certified Developers

1 Certified Front end developer

At Vortex we believe that continual professional development is key to happy employees and encourage our staff and managers to constantly keep getting better!

Time for a cheesy educational quote:

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” Abigail Adams