Bringing solutions to the table

Building Magento modules and solutions since 2007

We build Magento solutions to solve problems and to bring new opportunities to merchants. Utilising the modular architecture of Magento we have built a large amount of extensions for both Magento Commerce and the Opensource edition.


Visual Merchandiser

Remove the pain of sorting your catalog of products with the Vortex Visual Merchandiser. With the ability to drag and drop thousands of products and automatically sort, backup, restore and revert your changes. You need not worry about committing to anything before you are certain.

As a module under active development, the Vortex Visual Merchandiser will continually be improving and evolving. Join the revolution!



Keeping connected to your customers can be made that much easier with our Blog module. Whether it be categorising content, tagging or commenting, our module provides no compromises.

With an attractive theme in place out of the box you will instantly be flaunting all of your most recent success stories. Get in touch and let everyone know with your very own blog space.


Indexer Statistics

As a Magento business owner or Developer, one of the biggest issues with data is a lack of visibility. Vortex Indexer Statistics remedies that exact issue.

View and understand just what is due to be processed, be alerted if indexes are out of date and keep on top on changes otherwise hidden to you. With Vortex Indexer Statistics there is no longer a requirement to be in the dark.


Cron Scheduler

Whilst the front of your store is still, the underbelly of Magento is constantly working away at keeping a whole array of tasks in check.

Whether it be checking if your sales emails had been sent on time or confirming that your newest creation is running on schedule, with the Vortex Scheduler you will be able to keep a constant eye. And best of, it is in real time!



In Magento there are a few ways to configure shipping methods as standard, but none as powerful as our Shipping module. With little support in Magento for UK based companies selling to UK customer, this module will give you the power to specify the more obscure locations some of your customers reside in!

The module offers a full range of customisation including country, postcode, city, county, product weight, product price, mandatory charges and compound charges being taken into consideration making this module a powerful tool in getting shipping charges correct.