Today Ribble launched their first translated international site. is exclusively for the German market. This follows their expansion into individual markets started in May 2016 with their Australian site.

Ribble have been aiming to launch specific sites in targeted locations to realise the opportunity presented in internationalisation.

Aside from the benefits of a fully translated site which can use targeted offers and local delivery options to delight customers, Ribble have added a very popular international payment option SOFORT.

SOFORT allows customers to pay using their online banking details. This allows maximum security thanks to confidential online banking details and confirmation codes. The reason this is so important is that Ecommerce payment options are a tricky proposition when dealing with international markets. German customers only complete 30% of all purchases with Debit / Credit card and are much more comfortable with direct bank payments.

Knowing your markets and having the right partners to make the most of international opportunities is incredibly important. Japan uses Konbini for over 1/6 of all ecommerce payments. Spain uses Credit / Debit cards for almost 100% of transactions while France completes 60% of payment with Credit / Debit cards. Knowing what payment options are recommended for your target audience can make a huge difference on conversation rate and sales.

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