We’re always on the lookout for the brightest and best minds in the industry, from our talented Senior Backend Developers to our Testers and our Account Management team. Our new Office Executive, Nicole, recently became part of the team, and here she shares her first week with us. Read on for a more in-depth look into office life and what Nicole learned along the way…

On my first day, I arrived at the office at 9am and I was greeted with a warm welcome by Beth and James. I was shown where I would be sitting and where I could put my things. After I had settled in, I was introduced to the rest of the team and shown around the office – my ‘first-day nerves’ soon disappeared with the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the office! After my workspace had been set up and I was given all my login details, Beth started to talk me through my role and general day-to-day tasks. This also gave me more insight into Vortex as a company and what we do. I was then invited to listen to an Account Management meeting between Beth, Ant and James which gave me a good insight into Vortex’s processes and how clients and projects are managed. During this, I familiarised myself with some of the client names and different phrases I would be hearing around the office. Later in the morning, Beth talked me through the tasks I will be carrying out as part of my role, which involved researching potential awards we could enter as a company, finance, blogs and general admin. I was then given my first task of the day which was to create a table with all the potential awards we could enter, including all the relevant information we needed to know for them throughout the year. Vortex were lucky enough to win and be shortlisted for several different awards last year! This gave me a good insight into what we do as a company. After lunch, I was given a brief overview of how I would be assisting in the financial department of the company and I was assigned some tasks related to this which kept me busy for the rest of my first day.

On Tuesday I started my day completing some of the tasks I started on Monday, getting more familiar with what my role consisted of and what my day-to-day tasks would be. Today I did a few tasks for James such as arranging the priorities of issues for the clients he manages. This gave me a better understanding of Jira, the system Vortex and their clients use in order to keep track of the websites they look after and what issues or changes there may be. After lunch, I had a meeting with Aimée who talked me through what finance tasks I will be completing and talked me through the finance inbox, my responsibilities and what to expect. Later in the afternoon, Beth ran me through taking charge of the company incentive scheme. Based on the hours logged in the studio, we reward our team with different activities and treats every month – look on social media for the hashtag #vortexincentive to see what the team have gotten up to in the past! During this process, I was introduced to tools such as Doodle and SurveyMonkey which will help me complete the relevant tasks. Due to the budget this month, the team had decided they would like to go for after-work drinks, free Friday lunch and cheese & crackers as a treat one afternoon! I spent the rest of the afternoon getting used to the accounting software and completing my financial tasks.

I came into the office for 8.30am today – at Vortex the team have the privilege of being able to work to “flexi-time” which allows them to come in earlier or later depending on what works for them. The first thing I did was do some more research into the potential awards Vortex could enter. As the week has gone on, I am feeling more confident in organising my own tasks and knowing what needs to be done. I still feel there is a lot to learn and l look for James or Beth for help which they are happy to provide. Later on in the morning, I asked James if there was anything specific he would like me to do and he suggested I wrote a blog post on GDPR and what high street retailers are doing to comply with the changes. In order to do this, I had to do some research into what GDPR is and what it means in regards to how it can affect companies. As this was not something I was familiar with, it was good to learn something new and build on my knowledge. I spent the rest of the morning researching my blog topic and jotting down notes so that I could start writing my piece up later in the day. As the week has progressed I have got more confident in answering the phone and completing the tasks I learned at the start of the week, which are tasks I do this continuously throughout the day. I spent the rest of my day writing up my blog piece and researching different companies to use as examples. I really enjoy the creative freedom I am having with this role, being able to organize my own time and focus on learning new things.

I started my day by checking the finance inbox to see if any invoices had been sent that would need coding and filing. Once I had done this, I had a quick scan of the blog post I started on Wednesday to make sure it all made sense and to get a better idea of what needed to be changed or added, I jotted these down so I could finish It later on in the day or at another point. Aimee gave me the task of chasing any invoices that were missing from the records, due to a large number of invoices missing and with having to find the invoices by logging into different websites such as Amazon, searching the account’s inbox and contacting either Bruce or James this took up most of my day. I learnt a lot today as finding missing invoices gave me an idea of what invoices we should receive and what I should look out for in the future.

This morning I started my day by organising our incentive treats and communicating the details to the team. After this, James asked me to write another blog post for the website on the things to expect in the eCommerce world in 2018. I did this in-between filing invoices and trying to find logins for websites I needed to get other invoices from. After lunch, Beth showed me how to create an invoice using Xero and I made a spreadsheet of all the outstanding invoices and credits of one of our clients and completed numerous financial admin tasks to round off my first week. I have really enjoyed my first week here at Vortex and have been made to feel very welcome by everyone here! I am looking forward to learning new things and improving within my role within the near future.”


Nicole’s time at Vortex has been invaluable so far, and she fulfils a vital role within the agency.
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