Cravens Fancy Dress launched their new store on Magento 2 on Friday 23rd September:

This is the first store Vortex have launched on Magento 2. We are really happy with the site and most importantly the client is delighted with it.

The brief for the store was to create a great looking website that can handle regular seasonal traffic spikes. We wanted to make the site easy and intuitive for Cravens to merchandise the homepage so it can look completely different for every new product launch. It also needed to be incredibly fast so we have leveraged the increased caching and performance optimized features in Magento 2. Check out the site and see just how quick it is!

Other key functionality includes:

  • Conversion optimised checkout
  • Marketing suite – Rewards scheme, Wishlist, compare feature, complete the look, cross-sell and upsell
  • Multiple currency and international delivery options alongside click and collect
  • Search optimized features such as full HTTPS, SEO and Customer focused Navigation
  • Custom imports and exports to make data population easier for the client

This is one of only 64 stores in the UK with a registered UK business address using Magento 2 and site number 195 in the UK. Bearing in mind that over 60 of these 195 sites are just holding pages it makes the first fancy dress shop in the UK and one of only 130 UK stores with an actual live and transacting website using the new Magento 2 platform.

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