Earlier this summer we announced we were launching Vortex’s first ever competition! This fantastic opportunity gave entrants the chance to win a place on a 2-day “Intro to Web Design and WordPress” course from The University of Salford’s OneCPD. The course was an ideal chance for any budding developers to kick-start their career and get some experience into web design. It was held at the University of Salford in Manchester on the 10th and 11th August 2017, and was worth over £500!

OneCPD, who run the course, gave a full description on their site, with some important context about how relevant web design is in the modern world of business:
“Held in the centre of Manchester’s digital hub, this 2-day course – An Introduction to Web Design and WordPress – will allow you to learn the techniques and industry standards used by professional web designers. It’s no secret that the web has changed the way businesses operate.

Customers now expect organisations to have an online presence, and to be able to purchase their products with the touch of a button. 43 million adults in the UK alone use the internet on a regular basis, and often purchase products directly through a business’ website. That’s why it is now more important than ever for organisations to invest in their online infrastructure, so they can meet their customers’ needs and generate extra revenue.

Maintaining good web design practices within your organisation can help keep operating costs down and ensures costly mistakes are avoided. The main focus of the course is how to implement web design techniques using WordPress as a content management system. It will help you ensure your website is an asset to your business instead of a hindrance.

The course brings together theory from a University, along with industry practice. It allows you to get hands-on and create something, developing your practical skills and understanding in this exciting and lucrative area.

The course will be a stepping stone for anyone wishing to take online skills to help further a business or integrate IT skills into business. This short course will bring together theory and practice over the two days in order to give participants a broad spectrum of beginner knowledge, and will give anyone wishing to discover how to code the basic knowledge of creating and managing a WordPress site.

The expected learning outcomes for the course are:
– Setting up and managing a web presence using WordPress as a content management system
– Introduction to CSS and HTML for web page editing using Adobe Dreamweaver
– Sourcing images and basic web graphics using Adobe Photoshop
– Optimising your website for mobile devices
– Bringing it all together – a hands on activity to allow you to put it all into practice”

We asked all entrants to submit their entry via email stating why they think they should win, and then requested that they interact with us on social media by following either our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages and liking and sharing our relevant post on either platform! Our lucky winner was Hanna, who was keen to develop some new skills and grow as a person in order to further her career. We thought Hanna’s aims were more than worthy of this amazing prize, so we let her know she’d won as soon as possible and booked her a spot on the course!

After attending, Hanna talked us through everything she learned and managed to get out of the 2-day course:

“I thought the course was an interesting great high-level overview of learning the basics of Web Design and WordPress. The tutor David provided plenty of detail and was helpful in explaining what needed to be considered before starting this type of creative project and how the different elements fit together. We then explored all the different areas you need to work through in order to create a fully functioning website.

On the first day, David talked through all the areas that should be considered when creating a website from scratch. We were shown examples of the different moving parts and given the opportunity to have a go at attempting some basic coding and CSS, which is much more difficult than it looks!

On day two we were putting our new found skills into practice, this involved choosing a template of our choice and creating a website in WordPress. It soon became apparent that the right type of template can be the difference between a modern, well-designed site versus something more basic and limited. Your design layout can be make or break!

Having the chance to create the website gave a good feel for the work involved and just how detailed you can be with your design. Equally, we learned that a simple yet effective website can be designed with a little patience, perseverance and skill. Overall the course was an enjoyable, informative and creative few days!”

We’re so glad Hanna was able to gain some real skills from the course that will help her WordPress skills going forward.

If you missed out this time, or think this could’ve been you, look out for our next competition launching in 2018! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for updates.