Vortex is 5!

Here at Vortex, we are very proud to announce we’re celebrating our fifth birthday! Five years feels like a milestone achievement in the world of business, and after a successful half a decade of website builds, integrations and support for all our wonderful clients, we couldn’t be happier with...


The True Cost of a Magento Theme

What is a theme?
A theme is a rigid structure aimed broadly at the general public,which a developer has created using all the building blocks of a website. The reality is, the developer wants a high turnover for a theme, without having to offer any support or tailoring services whatsoever.



Dirty COW Linux Vulnerability

You may have seen this popup in your Magento admin in the last week. It’s probably worth giving it a quick run through to understand exactly what this is.

It's the name given to a newly discovered vulnerability in virtually all versions of the Linux operating system. More accurately it is...